3 Main Reasons for Campaign Finance Reforms

Political Campaigns in America are lengthy and exorbitant. Campaigns are necessary before running an election as they are a means to educate the public so that they can decide their vote. Campaigns use various ways to convey their message to the public such as Stump speeches, TV shows, talk shows, and appearing in public benefit programs. 

Campaigns cost a substantial sum of money because the politicians have to convey their message and agenda to a large number of people. Presidential Campaigns can cost billions of dollars because the campaign season starts years before the elections. 

In 2012 the campaign cost was about 2 billion dollars and the outside groups spend 4 billion dollars. Here are the reasons why campaign finance reforms are necessary:

Donations Influence Politics

The donations made by large organizations or manufacturing companies can affect the political process of the candidates. If the donations are not limited a company may support a candidate through and through and influence the agendas that they are promoting.

For Example, if a fence company donates millions of dollars to a candidate it is possible that the candidate then works on laws affecting the company’s business so that they generate more profit.

These kinds of donations are considered bribes by many people, although, supporting a political candidate in their campaign is not bribery.

Elitist Rule

Self-Funding is not prohibited in America. If a candidate wants to fund their campaign they can put as much money into their campaign as they like. The greater the fund the better mediums they can use to reach their audience and make their campaign successful. 

This can affect the probability of rich people winning the elections. Their money influences the public and helps spread their agendas. On the other hand, if a candidate cannot self-fund this will lead them to run an unsuccessful campaign and ultimately reduce their influence in the public.

Hence if there is a reform that restricts the use of self-funding it may demote the influence of only the elite in politics.

Individual Donations

Individual donations can help increase the exposure of candidates to the public. If a candidate has to raise the funds for their campaigns and each individual has a limit according to the Federal Campaign Act 1971, which states that each individual can only donate up to 2500$, the candidates will reach out to more people.

This limit on donations will force candidates to extend their campaigns to more and more people. The inclusion of more public members of the country only encourages democracy. This may increase the contact of the public with the candidates and make the campaign more personal.

As every voter likes to see the candidates get involved in public affairs and benefits work the collection of campaign funds may become a campaign itself. 

In a Nutshell, to reduce the business influence on politics and discourage only the rich people in the politics as these will cause the politics to benefit only the rich classes reforms on finance and donations are important.

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